Highland Temptation

Alan’s and Kirstie’s story

Coming June 25, 2018

Alan MacKenzie travels to Edinburgh to initiate a treacherous game that could cost him his life. When he arrives, he finds his best friend and laird’s little sister playing the part of spy to infiltrate a dangerous group of Covenanters who are set on destroying her family. Seeing it as his duty to protect her, he orders Kirstie to stop, but is surprised when the lass who once worshiped him as a child ignores his command. Alan is forced to overlook his growing feelings for Kirstie and keep her close enough to ensure her safety.

Kirstie Cameron gave up on Alan long ago, moving on, she found meaning in tending to the animals she loves. When her brothers’ lives are threatened, she will do anything to save them, even if it means putting her own life in jeopardy or getting close to the man who once crushed her childhood dreams. Before time runs out, Kirstie attempts to push away the old feelings as they resurface, instead, focusing her attentions on the men behind the threat against her family.

Lori Ann Bailey

Author – Scottish Historical Romance